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The 10 Best Museums in West Virginia!

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The Wyoming County Historical Museum was recently voted #9 out of the ten best museums in West Virginia! You can read the article here: https://t.co/50K1jyHprf

Genealogy books now on sale

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Genealogist and author Bonnie Turner Cook and her husband Phillip (who both now reside in Cape Coral, Florida)  visited the museum today.  During their visit Mrs. Cook donated copies of some of the books she has written to the museum as a way for the museum to raise funds. The museum board would like to express our deep appreciation to the Cook's and wish them safe travels. 


These books are now available at the museum:


"The Family of John Cooke"  ($40.00)

Details the lineage of more than 10,000 descendants of John Cooke, Wyoming County's first permanent settler. Softcover, 368 pages. (21 Copies Available)


"1900 Census Alphabetized" ($40.00)

This book is a compilation of all the persons living in Wyoming County, West Virginia, during the 1900 Census Enumeration. The information was obtained from a microfilmed copy of the original handwritten census forms. The records have been alphabetized to allow for quick reference. Softcover, 195 pages. (7 Copies Available)


"1930 Census Alphabetized" ($50.00)

This two volume set is a compilation of all the people living in Wyoming County, West Virginia, during the 1930 Census Enumeration. The information was obtained from a microfilmed copy of the original handwritten census forms. The records have been alphabetized to allow for quick reference. Softcover, 566 total pages Vol. I and II. (4 Sets Available)


"Giles County Virginia Marriages 1807-1850" ($20.00)

The original part of Giles County, Virginia now make up, either in whole or in part, the current West Virginia Counties of Boone, Fayette, Raleigh, Summers, Wyoming and even a part of Kanawha County. Thus, Giles County Vital records are important in researching both Virginia and Southern West Virginia history. Softcover, 35 pages. (2 Copies Available)


"Pike County Kentucky Marriages 1822-1851" ($20.00)

Softcover. (3 Copies Available)

Security System

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ACE Security Solutions installed the new security system which includes; 2 camera's that record 24/7, motion sensors, and door alarms.   This new system, coupled with the security improvements already installed, will keep the display items well protected!

John Cooke's Rifle

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Mildred Shannon presented John Cooke's rifle to the museum during the February board meeting.  The gun was manufactured in the mid 1700's by Leeman Brothers, of Lancaster, PA, and belonged to the first settler of Wyoming County, John Cooke.  Ms. Shannon will keep the gun until the new security system is installed at the museum then she will bring it down for display.

Sign Installed

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The street sign, donated by Montani Graphics of Pineville, was picked up and installed on the street in front of the museum.

Pineville Lions Club

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Museum oficers Jesse Womack, Epp Cline, Betsy Ross and Jim Cook visited the Pineville Lions Club to discuss their participation in the museum grand opening.  The Lions Club was excited to help and tentatively planned to bring the sight van to the grand opening for free eye examines.  The Pineville Lions Club aslo showed their commitment to the museum by presenting the officers with a check for $100.

Remodeling Project

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The contractor, Brooks Remodeling, complete work on the museum.  The work included; handicapped access ramps on the sidewalk, new front door, installed bars on the window, installed bars on the rear entrance, completed renovation of the bathroom including moving the wall 4 feet to make the bathroom larger.

Wyoming County Commission

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Musem board members Nola Rose, Oceana Mayor, Jesse Womack, board president, Larry Cooper, board vice president, and Jim Cook, secretary met with the Wyoming County Commission to discuss the contractor bids for the museum remodeling project.  A motion was made to accept the bid from Brooks Remodeling which the commission voted unanimously to accept.  Work will begin on 30 Nov 2009.

First Donation

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Three officers of the museum board met at the home of Mr. Jack Carnahan in Oceana to accept the first donations to the museum. Mr. Carnahan donated severl items he obtained during World War II while serving in the Pacific.  These items included; a Japanese "Good Luck" flag, Japanese Banner, Japanese wooden stamp, two Japanese messages, 10 Pesos printed by the Japanese government and a book on Pidgin English published by the U.S. Army.  Mr. Carnahan also donated a 1925 reading book used in the Wyoming County school system.  Photos were taken for publication in the Independent Herald and Wyoming County Report.


Certificate of Incorporation

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The certificate of incorporation arrived from the West Virginia Secretary of State office. The museum is now registered as a corporation in state of West Virginia with an effective date of 16 April 2009.